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Geo-Political Features

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Week 3: Geo-Political Features


Things to do:

  • Do research about population, politics, economy, religion, main industry etc.
  • Ask questions or add some information to help at least 3 of the classmates to improve their findings.
  • Interview a person from the country about education & language by e-mail.
    Include all the messages in reply, and forward the final e-mail to your teacher.


Example: Japan

- Population: 127,757, 000 (2005).
- Government: Constitutional Monarchy.
- Climate: Temperate marine climate [average temperature 10-20°C (50-68°F)].
- Area: 3779,15km² (2005) [67% of the land is mountains, and only 13% is plains.].

Student 1:


Student 2:


Student 3:




Interview appointment:

Example: Japan

I made an appointment with a member of Education Japan.



Useful Links:







Question Area:

Ask questions about technology & research here.

Questions about English - Go to Grammar Questions



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