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Week 1: Introduction


Things to do:  


Why did you choose the country?

  •        Explain the reasons why you chose the country for this project.
  •        Insert an image of the country.

What do you know about the country?

  •        Provide the class with questions.
  •        Share your knowledge, experiences, and impressions about the countries your classmates chose.

Where did you find the information?

  •        Post helpful website links to the "Useful Links" section.



How to post:

  • Compose your comments using other software (e.g. Word document).
  • Prepare an image of the country and keep it handy.
  • When you are ready, click "Edit page."
  • Log in. [Password required]
  • Type your name and the name of your country choice.
  • Copy and paste your comments.
  • Click "Insert Image" and upload the image of the country. HELP

         Don't forget to provide the resource in the "References" page.

  • Click "Save."
  • Log out (Upper-right corner).


Your classmates may be waiting for you to finish. After editing, please log out immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.




Countries for our project

Example: Japan


Hi, my name is Emi. I chose this country because I have lived there for XX years and I am interested in its language. Also I like Japanese food! The image I inserted in is the national flag of Japan printed on a traditional fan. Has anyone in the class visited Japan? What do you know about Japan? Do you like Japanese food, such as sushi or tempura?





Useful Links:

World Flag Database





Question Area:

Ask questions about technology & research here.

Questions about English - Go to Grammar Questions




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