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Name and Location

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Week 2: Name & Location


Things to do:


  • What does the contry's name mean? Where is it located?

       Do research about the name and the location of the country you chose.

  • Post at least 3 questions to your classmates' work.
  • Share useful links.


How to post:

  • Follow the steps in Introduction. Don't forget to log out!
  • Insert images of maps to help your classmates see the shape of the country and/or where it is located in the world. 

        Don't forget to provide the resource in the "References" page.

  • When you cite from other websites, select the words (e.g. "Marco Polo"), click "Link," select "URL" and paste the link. HELP



Example: Japan


When first mentioned in Western literature by Marco Polo, the name of the country was Cipangu (or Zipang), literally meaning “country of sunrise” in Mandarin Chinese. The Japanese name of Japan is日本. “” means “sun” or “day”, and “” means “base” or “root”. The name can be pronounced as Nippon and Nihon. Nippon is frequently preferred for official purposes, while Nihon is more commonly used among Japanese people. Tokyo, the capital city is located at 35°40’N, 139°42’E.


Student 1:



Student 2:



Student 3:



Useful Links:

List of contry name etymologies




Question Area:

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